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Empowering and Encouraging the Healthy Mind, Body, and Spirit

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At Walker Franklin Physical Therapy there is a focus on rehabilitating the whole person not just a diagnosis. I treat women before, during and after pregnancy (peri-partum), as well as men, women, and children with chronic pain, spinal pain, athletic injuries and various orthopedic diagnoses (muscle, bone, and joint pain).  

Believe in yourself as I believe in you and we will fight for success together!

Taking Women's Health To A New Level!

Women's health isn't only pelvic health. There is more to us than just our pelvis. We are athletes, moms, business women, wives, artists, musicians. We all have different physical trials and tribulations, not only because we are women, but because we work hard doing what we love...running, hiking, carrying our children, giving baths, sitting at our desks for hours, caring for our significant other, painting for hours, playing music, getting lost in the moment and making sure we are giving 150%. Because we do what we love and give it our all without question, we are strong. When that strength weakens and we need a physical resolution, a traditional women's health physical therapist won't cut it. Again we are more than just a pelvis. We are an entire being whose entire anatomy needs attention. 

I, Amelia Franklin, am a women's health PT treating the whole body and empowering women to transform into their truest self. 

  Click here are a few tips that can help you in the meantime.  If you need more assistance, feel free to send me an email.  I will answer any questions.  I am here to help.

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Women's Day

Saturday May 20th

It is important to acknowledge all people for their hard work, their value to our lives, their kind heart, their struggles, and their accomplishments.  I decided to celebrate all these in a day dedicated to women, hosted by a woman, with guest speakers who are all women business owners.  Let's celebrate each other, uplift each other, and have a great time!

During this Women's Day event you will have access to a free yoga class, boot camp class, and zumba class.  There will be guest speakers discussing mental health and women's health.  There will be a few awesome vendors (listed below). You can get your makeup done and have a professional photographer take headshots or group photos! At the end of the event, I hope that you would have moved your body, learned something, and made connections with other powerful women.

There is an entry fee ($10 suggested).  All money will be donated to LAWS (Loudoun Abused Women's Shelter). If you are writing a check, please make it out to them.. For more detailed information, the day's itinerary and to register click HERE