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Prenatal Bootcamp


Prenatal Bootcamp is an all levels bootcamp class for the mommy to be. The class focuses on strengthening all muscles, stabilizing the pelvis and preventing common pregnancy related pain/dysfunction. The class is led by Amelia Franklin a doctor of physical therapy who is an orthopedic specialist with a special interest in women's health. Classes are held on Wednesdays from 12:00-12:45pm starting July 5th.

Sign up to start your pregnancy fitness journey. Click here to sign up http://signup.com/go/KaZMGfL

This class boosts individualized exercise programs to ensure injury prevention.  With the knowledge of physical therapy and women's health your body will be in good hands.  If you are not currently a patient, I advise that you sign up for the screening ($30).  The screening includes an assessment that will aid me in providing proper modification, appropriate sneaker recommendation for your workouts, and a personalized stretching/repositioning program.

Price List

-$50 for the month (4 classes)

-$15 for drop in classes

What to bring

-Yoga mat

-Dumbbells (anything between 1-5lbs)