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Amy Hume

Hi everyone, my name is Amy Hume. I have always loved encouraging, uplifting and helping others. I've always been a caregiver, which is probably why I went to school for health care. I get so much joy out of making someone else smile and feel better. More than one friend has asked me "have you ever met a stranger?". Honestly, I don’t think I have. I'll admit I love a good cup of coffee and a conversation.

I'm a cardiac technologist at INOVA and a yoga instructor among other things. Having been diagnosed with Lyme disease I have become even more mindful of nutrition and truly taking care of myself. Yoga for me goes way beyond postures and breath. We all need to give our minds a rest, pause and breath.

I'm from the Pacific Northwest and love bringing my sincere, whole hearted, chill style to every class I teach.

I teach Vinyasa yoga with a strong focus on linking Ujjayi Pranayama (breath) with Asanas (movement). My teaching style is sunny, encouraging, and inclusive, and I strive to invite my students to truly listen to their bodies while practicing.

My classes have a positive, upbeat tempo, and I use a wide range of musical artists and genres to guide the class through my sequencing. I focus on flowing from one pose to the next while paying attention to alignment, breathe, intention and try to emphasize having fun while doing so.

I'm so looking forward to teaching and collaborating with Walker Franklin Physical Therapy to get you to your best you.

I'll be teaching two classes every week; Tuesday and Sunday. Tuesday is a 1 hour All-Levels class, where we pick up the pace, maybe do some abs, and sweat. Sunday’s class is the perfect way to end the weekend. It's a slower flow where we stretch out while letting go of all our obligation, if only for an hour, and intentionally practice mindfulness and relaxing.

Looking forward to practicing with you.


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Why Us?

We are strong believers in healing the mind, body and spirit.  With all aspects of your physical and emotional being being addressed, you will be well on your way on your journey to wellness!

~Dr. Amelia Franklin, PT, OCS