Walker Franklin Physical Therapy

Empowering and Encouraging the Healthy Mind, Body, and Spirit


Do you want to decrease your pain in a personalized fashion? Do you want to achieve your physical goals in a reduced amount of time?  Do you want a coach, a friend, a professional to guide you down that path? Call for a free consultation to discover how to renew greatness in your life!

Four Reasons to Choose WFPT to be Your Physical Therapy Practice

  • Everyday I am my daughter's hero, her everything.  I know I can and will do anything to ensure her health, happiness and self-worth.  I feel similarly about my patients.  No, they are not my children.  One going on two is plenty!  However, I strongly believe patients need someone in their corner, reducing them from negativity, pain and ignorance.  They need specific guidance to transform them back into their truest self without pain and or limitation.  All of which I will loyally provide to ensure the patient can accomplish the ever so important goal of being themselves.

  • What I really do is rescue you from the belief that you cannot feel better and guide you through a precise treatment plan based on what research has shown will be best for you specifically.

  • I dedicate my time and efforts to help my patients while in or out of the office.  I am here for you when you need me. Feel free to email me after hours with any questions you have.

  • Being a cash based (No, that does not mean I only physically accept cash) practice there are no restrictions in treatment and research has proven an overall decrease in number of visits required compared to traditional PT.  I can treat the whole person and not just one body part listed on a prescription form.  Documentation is provided for insurance reimbursement. Please refer to the Pricing tab for more info

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