Walker Franklin Physical Therapy

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Pricing for Physical Therapy Services

Walker Franklin Physical Therapy is a cash based practice.  This form of fee-for-service treatment allows for personalized one on one patient care thus ensuring quality service.  Your health and comfort is valuable, therefore it is important to provide the best care and get the best results.  You will be seen only by Dr. Amelia Franklin, a Board Certified Orthopedic Specialist.  There are no physical therapy techs, aids, nor assistants.  Upon evaluation, a comprehensive treatment will be created, discussed, and agreed upon.  In the case of simple diagnoses, significant improvement will be seen within 4-6 treatment sessions.  However, for more complex diagnoses it will likely take longer than the average 4-6 sessions.  In the instance where change may occur later in treatment, I will collaborate with your physician and if necessary other healthcare professionals to ensure your success in achieving your well deserved quality of life.

Call today to inquire about pricing and insurance reimbursement.

Free Consultation- 15 minutes

$160- Initial Evaluation

$125- Follow-up Appointment 51+ minutes

$95- Follow-up Appointment 45-50 minutes

$70- Follow-up Appointment up to 44 minutes

$50- Sneaker/Running Assessment

$50- Direct Mold Fabrication

$30- Flip Flop Molding