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Patient Testimonials

Dr. Franklin really knows women's bodies.  Ever since I did the running shoe assessment, my workouts have been much better on my knees.  I have frequent SI issues and after a few weeks of treatment and exercises, I have been issue-free.  She is wonderfull!!!


If you are a runner, you know choosing the right sneakers are critical to a painless, injury free race. For years, I placed an emphasis on choosing sneakers that were stylish and somewhat comfortable, not once thinking of the impact on my knees while running. I came to Amelia complaining of shin splits, knee swelling and pain and backaches. Amelia quickly identified the problem, gave me a few exercises along with sneaker recommendations after evaluation. I'm happy to say, not only am I running painfree, I am running for longer time frames (10-20 more miles per week) and a faster pace (from 10:30 to 8:22 per mile)! Amelia's sneaker recommendation is honestly the reason why I feel prepared to run my first half marathon since my pregnancy. Thanks so much for your sneaker and exercise recommendations Amelia!

Jackie L.

I was once a patient of Amelia Franklin's, I was helped tremendously throughout my PT sessions of trying to get me back to 100%


I had spinal surgery, which left my left leg weak and worked with Amelia for PT.She not only helped me through the hardest time in my life, but gave me the confidence that I could do it! She was so patient with me through it all! If I was down in the dumps on a day I saw her she definitely turned that around the minute I saw her!I can't thank you enough Amelia for all your help and guidance! You're the best!Many blessings to you!THANK YOU!

T. Carter

Visit was so helpful.  I always feel better after these treatments.


Aside from adjustments & manipula- tions/massage/asst'd therapies, you always provide two other things that I find highly valuable... First I can actually help myself now with the exercises that you've given me. Before this, I had no tools to help myself & that alone makes me more self reliant, independent & stronger. The second is the wonderful support system. Through the ups & downs, especially the downs, I've come to be confident that I will return to feeling better, that this is just a "glitch,", a mis-step that is just temporary. Knowing that, is empowering on its own . Hopefully I'll stablize again, sooner rather than later, as it's a bit frustrating that these ribs are acting up again. Go have that Baby Girl and be well- See you when you start up again! ( OMG -wish me luck!!! ) ;-)


When I broke my back last August, I was told that most likley I would require physical therapy as part of my recovery. Being someone who would often accompany a parent to physical therapy - I couldn't believe that I was going to be in the role of being a PT Patient. When I first met Amelia, she could tell that I was nervous, but easily calmed my nerves and started working on my back. Within the first session improvement was seen and in January I was officially discharged. She would explain why we were doing the various exercises, and would always make sure that I wasn't in pain and if I was - would walk me thru it. I highly recommend her!

Kim J.

Amelia is a body whisperer.  She knows exactly what's wrong and how to fix it.  Treatment is done with an encouraging and positive voice.  I have a very mobile pelvis and she has been the only one that has been able to help me get it stabilized. The private personal environment created at Walker Franklin is relaxing and refreshing.  I highly recommend!!!


Good to have the personal and professional touch.  She maintains a perfect-balance of both worlds.  Great to have the one-on-one session.

A Happy Patient :)

I have been going to physical therapy regularly since 2000 when I injured a lumbar disc. The disc finally ruptured in 2007 requiring two surgeries. Since that time, I have developed post laminectomy syndrome, lumbar instability, and SI Joint dysfunction, along with a recently degenerated cervical disc. Dealing with a host of chronic uncomfortable symptoms can be very discouraging. Amelia has been extremely helpful as she addressed underlying postural problems through specific exercises and even a new pair of shoes. I now feel better than I have in years, and I have the tools (a set of exercises) to manage small flare-ups at home. Amelia is delightful to work with, blending professional competence with personal encouragement. Amelia is one of very few PRI physical therapists in Virginia, and I highly recommend her services!

Mary Ann B.

I had rotator cuff surgery and used Amelia for physical therapy afterwards. She did a great job of taking me from no mobility and no strength to basic usefulness in normal activities. Although I still have more work to do in order to return to the golf course, I couldn't have asked for a more knowledgeable and compassionate therapist than Amelia.

Nora K.

I asked my doctor for a recommendation for a therapist that could help me with tightness that I have had off and on in my neck and back. Amelia was wonderful and after identifying the source, she was able to help relieve the tightness/pain and was able to get me to a point where my body would adjust itself if it were to happen again. Which of course it did, and with the exercises and stretches that Amelia showed me I'm now able to be successful in managing this issue. Since then I had some feet problems and was able to get in with Amelia again and I felt so fortunate that she has such a vast knowledge in proper shoe fitting and walking/stretching that I now know how to manage that as well. I would highly recommend Amelia to anyone that is looking for a physical therapist.

Kim G.

What I wouldn't have given to have been referred to Amelia first!!! After my auto accident in Aug. 2014 I went to two different physical therapists over 8 months and neither were as helpful and knowledgable as Amelia. Finally I was referred to Amelia and I knew I was on the road to recovery! She is not only knowledgable of the many facets of pain and how to heal through physical therapy, but she was concerned with my pre-existing medical condition and took great care to ensure my body would heal in a productive way. Under her care I finally began to heal. To say I'm happy I met Amelia is an understatement, I highly recommend her.

Wendy M.

After years of dealing with lower back pain I finally made an appointment to address it. During our initial meeting Amelia set the tone, she was professional yet down to earth and very informative. She provided a realistic outlook on what to expect during my treatment and what would be required of me as well. She asked questions about my progress each visit and listened to any issues or concerns I had. She didn't make me feel as if I was just a number, she actually seemed to care and celebrated each milestone of progress with me. After 2 months or so I graduated from treatment and Amelia provided me with the tools to continue my growth and healing. I'm appreciative that she shared her knowledge and expertise and would definitely use her services again if I were ever in need of physical therapy in the future.

Kendra C.

I came to Amelia after just having had a two-level posterior/anterior lumbar fusion. As a twenty-something who had never undergone surgery before, I wasn't exactly sure what to expect from physical therapy. Right from the start, Amelia was very genuine. She asked me what I was hoping to accomplish through physical therapy and what kind of lifestyle I was looking to get back to. As someone who was training for a marathon before my back went out, my goal was to get back to long distance running. Amelia worked with me to create a treatment plan that would best benefit me and help me to achieve that goal. She was very informative in helping me to understand the healing process of my back and was always happy to answer every question that I had (I had a lot!) She helped me get my body back and helped me to understand the best ways to keep my back safe and healthy. Thank you so much, Amelia for being there every step of the way! I literally could not have done it without you!

Georgia M.

I suffered with plantar fasciitis for three years, receiving treatment from physical therapists as well as a podiatrist with no long term results. On the brink of having surgery to relieve the pain I was referred to Amelia by a co-worker who had gotten good results from working with her. On my first visit she put me at ease and gave me hope that she could correct the imbalances that were causing the plantar fasciitis. I went home with three simple exercises to do, including helpful handouts with photos and instructions. Within a week I was virtually pain free. We continued to work together for a couple months to strengthen the core muscles that were the root of my problem, and through it all Amelia demonstrated a commitment to seeing me achieve my goals. I was almost sad to see our time together end! Amelia is warm and caring, and she made the process (almost) painless.

Ginny R.